Monday, October 26, 2015

Product Spotlight - Mountain House Freeze-Dried Meals

Recently, Camping Lead Hanna shared some Mountain House Freeze-Dried Meals with us at a morning meeting. The majority of associates were pleasantly surprised and many had not previously tasted freeze-dried foods. These meals are a great option for an outdoor adventure or even for home disaster preparedness.

Mountain House has been around for 50 years, supplying freeze-dried foods to the US Special Forces and other branches of the military since Vietnam. They were asked to produce food that tasted better, lasted longer, and weighed less than the previous rations the troops had…they delivered.

Some brands combine freeze-dried AND dehydrated ingredients. Dehydrated may have longer soaking and cooking times and affect the flavor. These freeze-dried meals are as easy as opening a bag and pouring in boiling water. Let it set for 10 minutes and you have a meal, which you eat right from the special foil pouch. We taste-tested the Chicken Teriyaki with Rice - the pouch contained two servings. There are breakfast options, too. We tried the Granola with Milk and Blueberries - on 8 ounce service of granola with blueberries, powdered milk and added probiotics. There’s no need for boiling water on this one, just regular water (unless you need to boil for purification purposes, of course!).

Overall, I’d say our associates were impressed with the flavor and ease of preparing. Costs run from $6.99-$10.49, depending on the meal…but when you consider the price of going out to eat, the shelf life, and convenience, it’s worth the money.

Mike Anderson is the leader of the Grinnell High School Outdoor Adventure Program. He says the Mountain House meals they’ve used have received thumbs up reviews from him and the students involved in the program.

“Using the Mountain House products is an efficient way to pack in our food for any of our Outdoor Program outings. I have a lot of hungry students on these camp-outs and Mountain House does an excellent job filling them up and giving them the energy to continue. They are easy to use, excellent nutrition, and the kids like them!”

Consider Mountain House for your next outdoor adventure or pick so up for your disaster kit at home OR your winter survival kit! You will find them in the Camping Department or online!


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