Sunday, October 25, 2015

Healthy Hunter: Turkey Day Trim Down

So looking back at our Healthy Hunter series blog, it has been quite some time since I provided a workout program. (Last one was in March.) And like so many millions of others during this holiday time, we are putting on a little extra weight. Now, historically weight gains in the winter time is normal and was part of a survival strategy. But nowadays it is usually because of the mega-increase in calories and sweet-treats that we normally do not consume at other times of the year. So for this month’s article, I give you my Turkey Day Trim Down plan!

The Goal: Lose some weight to help keep from gaining even more during the holiday season.

The Time Frame: 25 Days. November 1st to the 25th. (We start after Halloween, because it wouldn’t be right to not enjoy some of those candies.)

The Diet: Lean and green. I’m talking about lean proteins (chicken, turkey, fish, pork, etc.) and good-for-you greens (green beans, spinach, broccoli, asparagus, etc.) Shoot for one gram of protein per desired pound of weight. Drink equal ounces of water. No soda or other “beverage”. Pile on the greens but only season with salt and pepper or Parmesan cheese and olive oil. Fats are important for your body as well, so make sure to get healthy forms of that (oils, fish, nuts, avocados, cheese, etc.) Using whey or other protein shake to substitute meals is also an option. Keep your carbs to minimum and whole-wheat versions. Try to consume something every few hours and try adding hot sauces to help keep your metabolism going.

The Workout: You will exercise every other day on this plan, but having active rest days in between (like walking the dog or doing yard work) is OK. Your workouts will be part weightlifting and part cardio, one right after the other. You will do a set of the exercise and immediately do one minute of active cardio after it before going into the next set. (Active cardio could be running in place, jump roping, some form of body-weight exercise, etc.) There will be three different workouts (split-body) that will be done for a total of four times throughout this program. Shoot for four sets of 10 reps with each exercise. Do cardio for three minutes before working out to stretch and then seven minutes when done so you end up with 30 minutes of cardio total when finished each day.


Flat Bench – Dips – DB Fly – Crunch – Planks (for as long as you can each set)


Squats – Calf Raises – Shoulder Press - Deltoid Raises – Walking Lunges


Lat Pulldown – Barbell or Dumbbell Rows – Dumbbell Curls – Triceps Extension—Shrugs

Each of these exercises can be done at decent weight for women or men. You don’t want to over-train, but this setup would be beneficial to help add some lean muscle to your physique. (Go here for help with proper form.)

Side Notes: Steady sleep. Get at least 8 hours in each night. You might have to say goodnight earlier to your family for a little bit, but your health is worth it.

Good luck and keep trucking with this! After 25 days of steady commitment you and your family should notice a difference in the way you feel and look. And it will make it OK for a second slice of that pumpkin pie you have earned!


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