Thursday, October 29, 2015

Ascend Your Gear: H2000 Hydration Pack

So far in our Ascend Your Gear blog series, we have taken a look at a camp cooking-set and canoes. I will admit, that these aren’t everyday items but they are absolutely awesome pieces of equipment. But that got me wondering about what Ascend had in-store (get it, retail pun) for us for everyday use. I mean their clothing line for men and women is awesome. But there had to be some item that really stood out. And I found it, hanging on our backpack wall!

BOOM! The ASCEND H2000 Hydration Pack!

This thing is legit! This backpack comes with a built-in 2Liter hydration bladder that delivers its thirst quenching goodness to you via an insulated hose and easy-to-bite mouthpiece. It also has ample room for storing and carrying items.

To be honest, if there is one thing I can’t stand it’s those tiny hydration packs that only hold the water bladder and maybe an iPod Nano. I mean I get it, those are for like “serious runners” or whatnot, but no thanks. Not for me. I want the ability to carry some supplies with me or the room to pack out any random pirate treasure I find while outside. You never know when it could happen.

Any-who. This backpack has 2000 cubic inches of carrying capacity. It has numerous compartments and areas to keep your gear well organized as well. It also comes with both a waist strap and chest strap, for keeping it comfortable and secure while in motion. (Don’t get me started on not being able to buckle up while in a backpack.)

One of my favorite features are the zipper-pulls. Sure, the original zipper pulls that have proven themselves for what must be at least a century are great, but these things are nice! They are larger loops that make it easier to get access to inside the backpack.

If you are in the market for a new hydration pack, you need not look any further. Oh and if you are just in the market for a new water bladder, go with the Platypus brand. They make awesome stuff and allow you to mention the only poisonous, egg-laying, semi-aquatic marsupial in the world much more often. Brownie points if you name the other egg-laying mammal below!


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