Saturday, October 24, 2015

Get Your School GardenSmart!

Hunting and fishing for consumption are two obviously great ways to live off land, know what you’re eating, and help with conservation at the same time. At our store, many associates and managers not only do both those activities, but also garden, which is another satisfying and healthy way to feed your family. Just recently my husband and I ate our last BLT of the year, with one of our last garden fresh tomatoes, because we don’t buy tomatoes at the store during the gardening “off-season.” If you’ve eaten garden fresh tomatoes, you’ll know why.

Unfortunately there are many kids who have never eaten garden fresh food or had the chance to dig their hands down in some dirt, plant a seed, watch it transform, then pick the vegetable from the vine. FORTUNATELY, Bass Pro Shops wants to help change that.

Bass Pro Shops is partnering with GardenSMART TV and the Whole Kids Foundation to help introduce kids to gardening!

Enter your school for an opportunity to win a $2,000 garden grant! Open to students enrolled in non-profit K-12 schools (public, private or charter, elementary, middle or high school). The grant may be used to implement an edible garden or transform an existing one

Enter at the store Oct. 24-31. One entry per student.

For each winning school that receives the prize grant, the student listed on the accompanying winning entry will receive a $25 Bass Pro Shops gift card!

Only five schools will be chosen around the country…let’s get an Iowa school in there!

Check out School Garden Grant success stories!

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