Friday, February 26, 2016

It's Never Too Late

Toboggan RunLife has so many things to experience that it would be totally impossible to get to all of them but there are a huge number that are so simple and easily accessible folks over look them until later in life.  My twenty something year old daughters finally got to try something that they missed out on when we lived in the great frozen north of Erie, Pennsylvania.

Tobogganing is one of those things that people in the north take for granted and their neighbors to the south think they’re crazy for wanting to go outside to freeze their backsides off just to get a face-full of snow.  But there’s no way to fully explain the exhilaration of racing down a hillside in the dark with little or no control, all while getting blasted in the face with fresh white powder that steals your breath away, leaving you gasping and laughing uproariously at the bottom of the run.  It’s hard to believe that sharing a frozen moment of hilarity can strengthen bonds between family members and create memories sure to last a lifetime.

We recently crossed this off the list on a frozen evening following a day of steady snowfall while on family vacation, which is a story to itself with six adults and an infant making the journey. Everyone loaded into the vehicles and drove a few miles to a local park with a pretty good hill covered with newly deposited powder.  Tayler and Brittany were the first to make the run and you would have thought something was horribly wrong due to the screams of terror coming from the billowing white comet plummeting down the hill.  But the joyous laughter coming from the bottom reassured everyone that both girls had survived and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  One, 30 second run down a dark and snow-covered hill was worth the price of flights, rental cars, hotels, food, and everything else.

It’s such a simple thing and it’s hard to believe it took this many years to enjoy.  The screams, laughter, and smiles will live forever in our memories reminding us that it isn’t all about the things we amass during our lives, but rather about the things we do during our lives.  My girls won’t forget that night and neither will I and their mother.

Step out of the box and make some memories.

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