Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Offshore Fishing Report World Wide Sportsman, Islamorada, Florida

Hello everyone, and welcome back to this week’s report!  This week has been a blustery mess as the winds have been blowing 20 knots or better since Saturday night.  The good news is that the winds are forecast to come down on Thursday and should be 10 to 15 knots over the weekend.  With a little luck this hard East/ Southeast wind will blow the current in close to the reef and give us some Northeaset/ East current.  We have been stuck for the past week with Southwest current, which isn’t as desirable for our winter time fishery.  In addition, if the East current moves in, the fishing should be fantastic!  I would predict there will be some Mahi in shallow crushing bait on the reef, and this should ignite the Sailfishing for the season.  The temperatures have been a bit cooler, but we would definitely like to see get a bit more of a temperature drop.  I think this will at least bring in some additional fish to play with for the next week or so.  The offshore scene will have some Mahi in it I am sure, and if the weeds are able to come together or any edges get built, you can rest assured there will be some fish in/on it.  This should also push more tunas in on the deep ledge so the kite fishing should be really good as well with a good variety of fish.  The last day we fished was Sunday, and it was rough.  However, there was an extreme amount of bait stacking up between 160’ all the way in to about 40’ of water, and the King Mackerel’s were ferocious.  These guys should be everywhere over the weekend, so if you are on the hunt for these guys it should be a no brainer.  Speedos and Cigar Minnows will be the bait of choice, with Pilchards coming in right behind.  The wrecks and rock piles on the reef will surely be the ticket to finding these guys, so twist up some #3 or #4 wire and hang on!  

The reef and wrecks should remain productive as these areas haven’t been fished really since the past weekend.  With the wind out of the Southeast and the current going up the road (we hope), this should create and ideal condition for the Snapper fishing over the weekend.  There have been a ton of Cero Mackerel in the chum slicks as of late too, so the reef should be on fire.  Live bait should be abundant on the deeper patches, as they have been pretty strong for the past couple months.  If you are looking for Pilchards, check out the shoreline as this wind would have pushed the bait in close.  The Pelicans and Yellowbeak terns will surely give them away so keep your eyes peeled for divebombing and swooping action along the beaches.  

Well, that is it for this week! Remember, if you need a charter please feel free to stop by World Wide Sportsman’s Bayside Marina and check us out, as I will be glad to help you out with whatever you need. Fishing report provided by Captain James Chappell 305-803-1321 http://ift.tt/1IWINNW out of World Wide Sportsman Bayside Marina, Islamorada, Florida. I hope everyone has a great weekend, and remember to boat responsibly!

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