Saturday, November 21, 2015

Healthy Hunter: Get it Together

So how is the Turkey Day Trim Down plan going? I hope well! I went back and re-read it and realized I forgot a very important aspect of it. In fact, looking back at all the topics we have covered in the more than dozen Healthy Hunter articles I realized I left something very important out. And that is why for our very final Healthy Hunter I wanted to make sure I got it together for you all to get it together. What am I talking about? I’m talking about getting some support for your health and fitness goal! That’s right, getting it together!

Changing up your diet is no easy task. You have to buy all new foods, change up eating times, limit what you intake and all sorts of other tweaks. Since diet is probably 80% of all health-goals, this needs to be your priority. Not just yours, but anyone you live with as well. Whether you have a full house or just a roommate, everyone needs to get together when it comes to moving towards a healthier lifestyle. It will be hard for you to keep up with your black bean, brown rice and grilled chicken breast meals when there are tubs of ice cream and fun-shaped chicken nuggets in the freezer.

One of the biggest difficulties can also be what is there to drink in the house. Having soda around is a huge temptation (and waist wrecker) for many. Perhaps look into getting a second refrigerator to contain your food, so you are not always looking at unhealthy choices. One of those, out of sight out of mind kind of deals.

Also getting onto the same pattern of eating together can be a huge help. Plus just spending that time together each day can build bonds and make memories that last a lifetime. I personally know how hard it can be to keep up with a new eating-routine when there is temptation in the house.

The other part of changing your lifestyle, exercise, could also use some support. If you are new to lifting weights, do not go in their blind. Find someone who can teach you proper techniques. Maybe you have a friend, relative or co-worker that can show you. Nine times out of ten they will be more than happy to help you. Otherwise, look into getting a fitness trainer or joining a workout group. There are tons of ways to get connected. I know that has a community space to join up for free in.

Even if you are an experienced weight-lifter or runner, having someone to work out with can make a huge difference. They can give you positive criticism and pointers. Most importantly they can spot you. Lifting heavy weights can be dangerous, so it always best to play it safe.

I was in the best shape of my life when I had a workout partner at my gym and a personal trainer. Both were older than me (probably double my age) and had a lot of experience that helped extremely. The guy I was lifting with also liked proving that he could “keep up with the young buck” which pushed me to work out even harder so I wasn’t “outdone by the old guy”. So we were both putting up good numbers and getting in great workouts in a friendly/competitive manner. Plus both of those guys liked that I was the youngest Republican that they knew.

 So no matter what kind of diet or workout plan or lifestyle change you are going for, reach out to others for support. After all, you are doing this for yourself and them!


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