Friday, April 29, 2016

Shotgun Wedding: Outdoor Activities during that special day

The outdoor community has a lot of seasons; hunting season, fishing season, camping season and so on. However there is one we always forget- Wedding Season. A season of fittings of tuxes and wedding dresses, flowers being ordered, catering being booked, photographer being hired, and everything else that goes with that special day.

            Like the majority of us in the outdoor community we prefer to have our ceremony and reception outside.  Outdoor moms would rather have their tears water the grass than dampen an indoor carpet. A Father wants to have that first dance under the dimming light of an afternoon’s sunset with their daughter while Heartland’s “I Loved Her First” plays in the background.This is the outdoors. This is tradition.

Laserclayz UK

            In last few years there has emerged a recent trend that sets outdoor folks apart-that is wedding trap shooting. Yes that’s right. This wedding tradition actually started in England with something called BOHO WeddingsLaserclayzs®.  Since shooting is not the easiest thing to do in England; the trap shooting is merely laser simulated. The popularity of this activity for weddings is a big deal! Moreover, a good English Shotgun makes for an excellent prop for wedding photos like this great candid moment taken by BOHO Weddings in the UK. 

          However, in America we have no problem doing the real deal and have omitted the need for laser simulation. Let’s face it, not everyone enjoys dancing and since the health conscious consumer averagely drinks less alcohol at weddings, there is less chemically induced bravery to get up and dance. Thus the call for other activities at weddings continues to increase and trap shooting is one of them. 

            Bride Shooting Does this sound like fun to you? There are a lot of options for you that can fit any budget. Before you consider this at you reception or other wedding event, make sure local and state laws are followed and the owner of the property gives you permission. There might be additional costs involved, but the fun can be well worth it. Finally, the most important thing in any type of shooting is safety. Remember that everyone should follow safety rules and has the proper shooting equipment.

Want to go all the way for that special day? Well we have the RangeMaxx Auto Trap Thrower for you.

Maximize your shooting enjoyment on this special occasion by minimizing the time and effort you or your guests spend operating the thrower. The RangeMaxx Auto Trap Thrower feeds targets directly to throwing arm with a 2 second cycle. With a quiet, durable motor you can operate the Auto Trap by yourself from up to 25 feet away by use of the foot pedal release; or have a friend operate the Auto Trap from a distance with the included wireless remote—like real life jump shooting, you won’t know when targets are taking flight. The RangeMaxx Auto Trap Thrower offers challenging shots by throwing targets out to 65-80 yards at veritable 5°—35° angles. The Auto Trap is powered by any 12V deep-cycle battery (not included) that can be placed at a distance, using your own extension cords. Constructed of durable aircraft alloy and powder-coated steel, the RangeMaxx RangeMaxx Auto TrapAuto Trap Thrower assembles in minutes with easy to follow instructions.

There are many options for you to choose from. Stop on in and talk to one of our knowledgeable associates.

Go here to check out more traps and targets. 

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